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My last ThoughtVectors post was in late June 2014, and I have been silent since.  Family activities and vacation trips, work, summer and fall activities, children’s homework and band/sports activities, etc. have taken priority over “finishing” the course.  This is just as it should be: it is very appropriate for my family life and work to take priority over my (open) participation in the summer 2014 UNIV 200 course.  But my interest and purpose in participating have not ended, I still have lots to learn and contribute, and I haven’t yet fully grasped the knowledge and material I wanted to explore.

Many times since Fall 2014 I’ve considered restarting, yet I have hesitated and failed to resume posting, in part because I fear I’ll be interrupted again by higher priorities, or not be able to post “often enough”, or want to explore and post on some other topic instead for a bit.  It’s time I simply pick up where I left off, post what I can when I can, and recognize that in large part I’m in this on my own at my own pace: “often enough” is whenever works [which is much better than never or delayed for years].  I’m not (and don’t have to be) on a college semester-synchronized schedule as are VCU UNIV 200 students.  I suspect that instead, I’m on the “#ThoughtVectors4Life” plan: my participation  will of necessity span several semester-iterations of the UNIV 200 course, and my interest in key parts of the material will likely continue for decades.

There have been several ThoughtVectors-related topics I’ve drafted lately, about which I want to post.  So I plan to get those out of my way and off my mind in the next couple posts.  That will help me prepare to dive back into exploring the specific areas which interest me, as well as “finishing up” the UNIV 200 learning exercises.

— John

P.S. Re “#ThoughtVectors4Life”: see and (for instance) and  However, note that what I’m talking about is Thought Vectors and Bush’s memex and Engelbart and Nelson and Kay and so forth, NOT (just) a 200-level(sophomore) “UNIV 200 [writing course]”-4Life.

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